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Geting Back to 'Normal'

It has now been 2 months since we opened the Practice and we are pleased to report that our new protocols are all working well. It has been great to get the team back together and we have really enjoyed seeing you all again and swapping our Lockdown stories.
During the first month we concentrated on seeing everyone who experienced dental issues during lockdown, and now we are able to see anyone with outstanding treatment from earlier in the year, along with some routine examinations. If any of you had outstanding treatment appointments from before Lockdown, would you kindly contact us, so we can ensure you are booked in with us soon.
During August we hope to bring back the last remaining team members, and increase the number of appointments available with all the dentists and the hygienists. We will not unfortunately be back to full capacity yet, but this should bring us up to about 50%.

Keeping You Safe - Your New Patient Experience

To enable this to run smoothly, we would really appreciate you reading this “Patient Experience” information. It will be key to the smooth running of the practice going forwards.
As our practice has a narrow single entrance and exit stairway, and we can not as yet use our waiting room , we have to restrict the number of patients in the reception area.
Please wait nearby the practice, and we will call you on your mobile phone to invite you straight into the surgery for your appointment.
Another change we have had to adapt to is to switch away from paper forms, and move to online forms.
We have tried a couple of systems which have been developed especially for the dental market. Currently, we need information before your appointment concerning:
1, Your Updated Medical History
2. Your Covid Risk Assessment
3. Consent to Dental Treatment.
These forms should automatically be sent to your email address by SurveyCreator within 3 days of your visit. We would appreciate them being completed as soon as possible. As this is a newly developed system, there have been a few “ teething problems” - sorry for the pun! The software company is working very hard to iron these out, but we appreciate your patience as we are adapting to the ‘new normal’ in this era of fast paced change.

Keeping You Safe - Your New Patient Experience

You can see the new Patient Journey below
or you can view it on our website here...

Air Purification Units

At your next visit you may notice some new units parked in the corner of the sugeries!
We are investing in Medical Grade Air Purification units. These are increasing the air changes in the rooms and are effective against bacteria and viruses ( Yes Coronavirus Too!) as well as removing smells and the volatile compounds from our disinfectants.
The air is run through several sets of filters including Hepa, Activated Charcoal, UVc, Hydroxyl radicals and it also adds negative ions.

it is not a requirement to have air purification, but the importance of breathing clean air has never been more important.
If you would like to find out more:

Guess Whose Pet ...?

Our team are all animal lovers, and over the years we have owned several rabbits, Guinea pigs,turtles and even Giant Snails, as well as many cats and dogs. We thought we’d test your skills at guessing who owns some of our current pets.

(Answers your next newsletter)

As always we look forward to seeing you soon!


The Market Place Team

 ...oh and remember to Wear Your Face Covering / Mask......correctly