emergency dental advice


Dental pain can be caused by several factors including decay, infections, gum disease, impacted or fractured teeth.

It can range from sensitivity to certain foods, through to a constant throbbing pain, which if left untreated may lead to a facial swelling.

Over the counter pain relievers and ice packs can be usefu in the short term, but an appointment with a dentist will be necessary to resolve the problem.


Swelling of the gums can be due to gum disease, food trapping, infection or certain medications.

Cleaning the area thoroughly including flossing, along with the short term use of a medicated mouthwash may help.

If the problem is more severe, professional cleaning will be necessary.

Swelling of the face/cheeks is usually indicative of a more severe infection which may be caused by a rotten or abcessed tooth. It is very important that dental advice is sought urgently to prevent serious health risks.


Occasionally, especially in younger people, an injury may lead to an adult front tooth being completely knocked out.

If the tooth is undamaged, it can be re-inserted. If this does occur do look for the missing tooth. The tooth then needs to be kept moist, so either place into your cheek, away from danger of swallowing/inhaling, or bring to the surgery, keeping it moist in a cup/container of milk.

The longer the tooth is out of the mouth, the more long term complications arise. Therefore, please immediately contact the surgery to let us know what has happened, and whether you have the tooth to  re-implant. We will see you as soon as possible.