Market Place Dental Practice is a private dental practice offering high quality dental care on a fee per item basis. A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs. We do not require you to join any scheme or monthly payment plan. Should you be interested in dental insurance, a number are available commercially.

Several of our patients have found Simply Health and Dencover to provide useful schemes.

Payment for treatment may be either at the first visit or in installments as treatment progresses. We welcome payment by cash, cheque with banker’s card, credit or debit card.

Below are the main ways treatment can be funded.

Pay as you go – Quite simply pay for treatment as you go.

Insurance – There are many companies who now offer dental insurance, if you would like further information regarding this please ask one of our receptionists.

The following prices are intended as a guide only.

General Diagnosis
Consultation, new patient £80
Routine examination £47
Small X-Rays £20 each
Exam with scale and polish £110
Hygienist from £78
Cosmetic Bleaching
Professional Tooth Whitening from £385
Philips Zoom Professional Rapid Tooth Whitening £620
Facial Aesthetics Consultation £65
Botox and Dermal Fillers from £295
Amalgam £115 – £180
White Fillings £145 – £210
Root Canal Treatment £310 – £550
Crowns and Bridges
Crowns and Veneers from £700
Post and Core from £60
1 Unit Resin Retained Bridge from £815
Re-fixing Crown/Inlay from £120
Dental Implant Placement from £1300
Extractions from £140
Acrylic Dentures from £800
Co-Cr Metal Dentures from £970
Addition of tooth to denture from £190
Reline from £250
Denture repair from £140
Denture repair with impression from £160

If you currently receive and / or pay for dental treatment from us through the National Health Service , the amount you spend will depend on what treatment you need.

Some people don’t have to pay for National Health Service dental treatment – see Who is entitled to free National Health Service dental treatment in England?

National Health Service – dental charges

There are three National Health Service charge bands. From 1/4/2024, these are:

Band 1: £26.80 covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.

Band 2: £73.50 covers all treatment included in Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).

Band 3: £319.10 covers all treatment included in Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

For more information, see What is included in each National Health Service dental band charge?

Prices are as a guide only and subject to change. Prices displayed are valid at 1/4/2024.