Good News ! Re-opening

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Good News !

Dear Friends & Patients

Reopening Update

Yesterday evening we learned that dental practices may begin the process of reopening from 8th June for face to face dental care. It is fantastic news that we are now in a position to be able to start to re- organise the care for you, our patients.

We understand how frustrating the past weeks have been for you and really appreciate your support and understanding during this time.

During lockdown, we have been working hard behind the scenes adapting our protocols and developing new ones to make sure that when we re-open we can do so in a way that is safe for both our patients and team. We are waiting for clarification from our professional bodies, hopefully due out next week, regarding the details under which we are going to be allowed to operate to ensure that we can treat you and also look after our team in the safest way possible.

Safety is Our Priority

Throughout the last 10 weeks we have been mindful of the pressures on the supply of PPE as required by front line services and so we always knew that the supply of PPE to the majority of dental practices would be in limited supply.
Therefore, for the last few weeks, we have been ordering PPE in a responsible way and providing outline training for our teams in anticipation of a return to work.

At present, we understand that our supply of PPE will begin to arrive by the middle of June.

Safety is our watchword; everything we can and will do is dictated by the safety of our patients and our staff, while giving you the care and treatment you want and need; and to make sure we are properly equipped to do that.

Please understand that we are working tirelessly to get back to work and to serve our patients as quickly as we can, and we will announce our own opening date shortly.


If you have contacted us during the temporary closure, then please be assured that you are on our Priority Treatment List already, and we will start contacting you soon.

We will keep everyone updated and personally contact all patients who have had their appointments cancelled during lockdown to discuss their ongoing care and rebook their appointments once we have received clarification and updated our protocols to reflect this. We appreciate your patience as there is a lot to do and we assure you that we will be in contact as soon as we possibly can.

Unless you have a problem, we ask that you do not contact the Practice immediately so that we can keep the phone lines free and deal with any emergencies that arise.

As we have said all along “we won’t forget about you!”
In the first instance, we will be dealing with emergency treatments only and prioritising those in pain.

The types of treatments we are able to provide may be limited during the initial weeks with non-emergency treatments phased in over time which we aim to reschedule in date order of when they were cancelled i.e. appointments cancelled in March will be seen first.

Keep Healthy, Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you all back at the practice soon!

The Market Place Dental Practice Team