Are We There Yet – Re-Opening Pt2

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Dear Friends & Patients,

We have always had very high standards of Infection Control Procedures at Market Place Dental Practice, and we have always maintained the highest levels of cleanliness. Therefore, we are confident that our Dental Practice is one of the cleanest and safest places you can currently be, outside of your own home.


However, during the High Alert Level of a Pandemic, our focus shifts to also helping preventing social spread of the disease within our nation. We therefore have to change many of our protocols and procedures, to reduce the number of patients within our practice and control movements through the building, in order to protect you and our staff. In the short-term the Practice will look and feel different, but we are the same friendly team that you know and trust.


As our Facebook followers will know, we have taken delivery of the first part of our essential PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment). We are expecting several more deliveries to enable us to re-open and follow our enhanced protocols. The products are currently being rationed by our suppliers, but we are hopeful that we will have enough to reopen within the next 2 weeks.


We are also undertaking a deep clean of the Practice, and validating that all our equipment is sterile and in full working order after such a long closure period.


We have organised Staff Training and rehearsal of our new Protocols next week, along with Certification of the Correct Fit and use of our Respirator Masks.
We are aware of our patients who have had urgent dental needs during the pandemic, and we will organise their care as a priority. We would ask that you continue to have confidence and trust that we have the situation under control, and that we will contact you about your future care as soon as we are able.
We will still be cancelling any routine dental appointments throughout June, to be able to prioritise those patients experiencing pain or swelling.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.

So, in answer to the question: Are we there yet?  Not quite, but our destination is just ahead.

Market Place Dental Practice Team